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For technical information and discussion of Buell Mufflers and Exhaust Systems as well as their repair/maintenance/upgrades. Check out the results of the Buell XBike muffler dyno shootout at www.AmericanSportBike.com.

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Drummer or Hawk in central Illinois?Magspecial07-25-14  11:35 pm
How much to heat head with black wrinkle paint to remove stud?Jim00x107-11-14  12:56 am
XB12 headers on an XB9Jfkersh13 06-15-14  06:31 pm
01 M2 Factory Race Header MaterialAp_sand05-29-14  06:34 pm
06 Uly rear muffler support clampsAirdale05-18-14  10:28 pm
DrummerLonghorn04-03-14  05:00 pm
Zorst stud installationReepicheep03-10-14  08:11 am
Jardine RT-1 PicturesAodh6902-04-14  04:34 pm
Repacking troubleBuell_bert03-08-13  08:09 am
Aftermarket exhaust questionSticks02-21-13  08:26 am
Exhaust compatabilityNitrous_jim02-20-13  07:25 am
How to make a muffler that sounds great and worksNitrous_jim02-20-13  07:21 am
Header for s3Drauff01-27-13  02:32 pm
Engine rotation Vs. Frame RemovalLrholy0611-12-12  02:30 pm
Jardine Aluminum Slipon: Rivet Problems?Briz3110-11-12  08:29 pm
Going through exhaust hangars like it's cool...(XB9)M1combat09-12-12  07:44 pm
Dyno proof of exhaust valveTdmfun08-07-12  05:14 am
2010 XB12 header w/dual O2 bungsMesozoic05-05-12  03:40 am
WTF is this? Any ideas?Cgocifer04-22-12  01:13 pm
Hawk performance exhaustCobra6604-03-12  09:40 pm
Ceramic coat M2 (2001) header and mufflerJayvee03-20-12  11:34 am
Bike dropped when removing from exhaust hanger!?Kilroy03-04-12  06:33 am
Pore 15Dieseldreamer11 02-01-12  01:26 pm
Buell XB Muffler ModDieseldreamer02-01-12  01:20 pm
Jet Hot ceramic?Buell_bert12-28-11  09:38 pm
Will 00 X1 stock header fit on 05 xb12Pash11-30-11  03:40 pm
Race header question?Hogluvr11-03-11  09:58 pm
Slip-on for XB's2ismorethan409-23-11  04:22 pm
Buy race module for exhaust or go stock?Froggy08-25-11  10:50 pm
Exhaust valveTerrys198008-16-11  09:34 pm
VH muffler will not fit? and other things.Kilroy08-03-11  07:21 am
Header wrap questionGreenlanternjeep07-27-11  05:04 pm
Weird vapor when I tightened my headersWolfo6806-18-11  11:54 am
Xb12x race canFroggy06-03-11  02:23 pm
Great muffler on the (somewhat) cheapHoovdawg11 06-01-11  03:41 pm
Exhaust and ecm: What to do?Cobra6605-27-11  11:48 pm
Exhaust StudAl_lighton04-25-11  09:53 am
Jardine CF slipon - popping on deceleraton....Froggy04-10-11  01:01 am
Oil leakBluzm202-14-11  11:51 pm
Race muffler questionMbest01-24-11  09:12 pm
Flowmaster into Stock 03 XB9S can....Cvc01-15-11  07:04 pm
Xb12r exhaust fumes when ridden?Cvc01-15-11  06:58 pm
Anyone Have a Jardine GP-1 for XB12s?Terrys198012-28-10  11:12 pm
Straight pipes?Terrys198012-06-10  09:59 am
D & D muffler on my CycloneBluzm210-31-10  11:31 am
D&D: Not loud enoughHeavens_demon10-31-10  04:57 am
Make your own exhaust???Heavens_demon10-26-10  11:33 pm
I need RACE EXHAUST PICS so i can install mine... asap please!Jsunstar09-29-10  08:49 am
D & D Exhaust Quiet inserts ?Torco40609-20-10  01:04 pm
1125 Drummer help!Blake09-19-10  12:04 am
S1w, KT exhaust + thunderheader= big sound and powerItalialaw09-16-10  01:24 pm
Flapper Value (engine code 21)Froggy09-01-10  08:09 am
Header nut torqueBuell_bert08-31-10  04:22 pm
Interchangeable exhausts Bud_man08-28-10  12:48 am
Checking/Tightening Muffler StrapsVospertw08-12-10  04:23 pm
Will a 1997 S3 Header, model # S0101.9A, fit on my 1997 S1Bud_man07-07-10  04:01 pm
Electropolishing the headerBluzm205-11-10  03:21 pm
Drummer question for 2007 XB9RElrod23405-05-10  04:36 am
Uly exhaust clamp part numbersHusky05-02-10  04:38 pm
Exhaust questions for a 99 lightningVtwinfanatic9904-30-10  06:20 pm
Jardine Exhaust HELP!Fireboltguy04-28-10  10:56 pm
XB9 race can on XB12?Froggy04-09-10  12:45 pm
Race exhaust for a m2 cyclonePsyclown03-31-10  11:14 pm
Muffler clamp sizesAfinley03-25-10  10:28 pm
Installed Jarding GP-1T_diem2303-22-10  10:08 pm
XB9 Header on my XB12??Gw_04_xb12r03-12-10  10:39 am
How does the Interactive Exhaust Valve work?Pash03-09-10  01:17 am
Header Removal Tips!Pash03-08-10  02:09 am
Hard Rock Motorsports HR1 exhaustNightmare102-05-10  11:27 pm
XB Modified Stock MufflerTims01-31-10  04:16 am
Jardine RT-1 Repack Kit photos.Shimpeno01-13-10  10:11 am
Supertrapp cleaningBluzm201-01-10  10:26 pm
GB Exhaust ReviewNewxb12ss01-01-10  01:36 pm
Jardin GP-1 IssuesJoshinga12-23-09  10:20 am
Jardine cf pipe & engine mapGbalias12-12-09  08:48 pm
5/16-24 copper lock nuts?Richsm212-06-09  04:43 pm
Jardine Pipe, K&N Filter, and Stock ECM???Fireboltguy11-10-09  05:27 pm
Running open headers?Greg_e10-16-09  07:00 pm
XB9R header removal - rotate engine or remove shock?Greg_e10-14-09  02:29 pm
Header wrapGreg_e10-12-09  09:33 pm
Are the XB9 and 12 muffler pipe in same size?Thespive10-06-09  06:03 pm
Exhaust. Race Vs Jardine Vs StockChelpdogg09-25-09  03:27 am
De-carbon the insides...Kalali09-24-09  01:01 pm
Drummer, Swain Tech and BafflesEndoagain09-19-09  07:37 pm
Can somebody tell me what pipe this is???Texas_firebolt09-15-09  08:59 pm
Jet hot on exterior of muffler?Hoovdawg09-13-09  03:39 pm
Free Spirits 403 Stainless ExhaustKurosawa08-11-09  07:08 pm
Poor mans custom mufflerJayvee13 08-05-09  09:06 pm
New Drummer ssL8_br8ker08-05-09  02:27 pm
12 muffler on a 9Thespive11 08-05-09  02:18 am
Jims Tool loaner?Redwhitebuell08-02-09  03:34 am
Stock 08` xb12r muffler for saleBlake08-01-09  06:58 am
Exhaust port gasket removalBhillberg07-22-09  04:52 pm
Jardine exhaust on XB12SGsanos07-15-09  07:39 am
Micron Exhaust Sweetfish8907-12-09  11:40 am
X1 D&D mufflerMastros207-03-09  04:49 pm
Aftermarket muff that does not require repacking?Gbalias07-02-09  06:03 pm
GB Exhaust reviewBlake06-30-09  10:57 pm
Are all mufflers designed for 12s?Toecutter06-21-09  09:29 am
Stock XB12 muffler back pressure?Toecutter06-20-09  09:11 pm
Drummer/ Spec-Ops construction specsGbalias05-08-09  03:50 pm
Exhaust baffles (shovelhead drag pipes)Brag91805-05-09  09:31 pm
Swapping exhaust - what do I need before I start?Pmpski_104-08-09  12:06 am
New to badweb, question about latus exhaustPmpski_104-07-09  11:59 pm
Change in mufflers over the years for XB's?Gazoobla04-02-09  07:21 pm
Micron headers w/spotsMesozoic03-31-09  04:01 pm
09 XB12R exhaust questionChrisd71103-30-09  10:33 pm
2003 xb9s / jardine exhaustTdman7703-22-09  01:11 pm
Drummer or Special Ops?Dgbuell03-12-09  12:18 am
My Drummer broke, please help!Dgbuell03-01-09  11:16 am
Warranty and after market exhaustBrag91802-24-09  05:37 am
Question re ulysses exhaust fitment.... (XB12XT)818guy02-16-09  12:43 pm
Exhaust Port Gaskets for XB EngineHogs01-31-09  10:01 am
S1W ExhaustTexastechx101-28-09  12:34 am
V&H muffler rear hardwareAl_lighton01-28-09  12:16 am
Buell race header and can vs supertrapp /stock headerOutdoors01-12-09  05:37 pm
03 xb9r with no muffler. LOL Panhead_dan01-10-09  03:45 pm
Micron Exhaust on an XB9sAptbldr01-03-09  07:02 am
Identify this pipe?Buelltuner01-02-09  09:52 pm
XB12s homemade muffler modLovecars01-02-09  07:09 pm
Wanted S1W Exhaust HelpV2win12-30-08  07:52 pm
Help needed getting force header back onTripp12-23-08  05:29 pm
Jardine VS D&DPontlee7712-21-08  01:20 pm
Who knows force pipsTonskey12-17-08  02:23 pm
Legal noise on my Buell XB9S, will a muffler for XB12S do the thing?Id07389712-17-08  02:12 am
XB12X - Interactive Exhaust Valve Stuck ClosedRays12-14-08  06:18 am
08 w/ Drummer Backfires like crazy. How to change idle?Boney9511-03-08  02:02 am
This is my first install on my Buell... (Jardine RT1) I need help!...Boney9511-03-08  01:56 am
Need a new mufflerOrman164910-14-08  07:34 pm
Has anyone install micron exhaust on 08 xbscg12Mesozoic10-07-08  12:28 am
Looking for Ti-Force info & sound biteMotohead1125r10-03-08  09:20 pm
Force exhaust mapsGbalias10-01-08  08:28 pm
Stock muff, ham can, k&n, proper jetting?Fasted09-30-08  11:06 pm
Will D&D fit my bike?Nc127609-30-08  12:22 am
Exhaust sounds like a popcorn machine latelyGrizzbo09-04-08  05:31 pm
Broken Exhaust Stud..plz Help!Tazmania72011 08-30-08  04:19 pm
Is D&D worth it?Gbalias08-28-08  08:22 pm
V&H on my S2Grizzbo08-25-08  01:37 pm
Muffler inlet sizeTattoo7208-17-08  09:07 am
S1W Header StudsBuell_bert08-14-08  12:20 am
D&D muffler questionExpresident08-11-08  03:03 pm
Jardine RT-1 muffler too loud for the German'sPele308-08-08  02:58 pm
Exhaust JARDINE is ok?Ferocity0207-31-08  12:48 pm
Muffler Install - 2005 XBR FireboltNik07-25-08  06:39 pm
Has anyone install micron exhaust on 08 xbscg12Mesozoic07-07-08  12:23 pm
Straight through fiberglass packed mufflersBob_thompson06-27-08  06:21 pm
Jardine ExhaustTattoo7206-23-08  02:04 pm
97 m2 rocker box gasketsTorquemonster06-19-08  05:25 pm
I need mucho advice here, HELP me get this right bro'sHonorfirst06-13-08  03:09 pm
Header mountTornado06-10-08  12:59 am
My first muffler design??Werewulf06-09-08  10:25 pm
2000 X1 muffler louder than V&HPkforbes8711 06-09-08  10:04 pm
Different exhaust??Harescrambler06-03-08  09:00 am
New exhaust and leaf blowerBuell_bert05-22-08  12:47 am
Larger Header?Sportbiker8705-21-08  03:43 pm
Special Ops a little too loud...Anyone try baffle cones?Xcephasx12 05-19-08  12:59 pm
S2 Header Info needed. Gbrag05-11-08  12:16 am
Best can for XB9?Tattoo7205-02-08  11:06 pm
Swain Tech "white lightning" ceramic coatingItalialaw04-30-08  09:30 am
Header Mount Retrofit/Upgrade (All '95-'00, Service Buelletin)  
Old Race Muffler Recall (Service Buelletin)  
Archive through September 19, 2006Diem243649 297 09-13-14  11:37 pm
Header installMathen00110 09-23-08  02:52 pm
Archive through April 30, 2008Bad_karma359 62 04-30-08  05:42 am
Archive through July 28, 2007Deadprez08276 61 07-28-07  01:05 am
Aftermarket exhaust, back-pressure, et'al...Phantom5oh23 11-09-05  11:12 am
Sebring Exhaust - Apology to DavesSurveyor16 10-17-05  05:01 pm
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